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I have uploaded around 75 HD Captures of Ciara in Big Time Cameo, from last week. Thanks to CiaraBravoDaily for those. In thursday’s new episode of Big Time Rush, Victoria Justice Guest Stars as herself. Make sure to check out the promo below and tune into Nickelodeon Thursday June 6th to catch the episode.

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Get Excited Ciara Fans! Based on Ciara’s IMDB Profile she has booked a new TV Movie set to be released in Spring 2014, Jinxed. At the moment i’m not sure if it is a Nickelodeon TV Movie, or what, but Ciara will be playing the role of Meg Murphy. Stay tuned as we will have more information at a later date.

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I have added 75 HD Captures of Ciara in last week’s episode of Big Time Rush, “Big Time Lies”. Make sure to check the gallery for all the captures. I hope you all have been tuning into Nickelodeon every thursday at 8pm for new episodes of the 4th season!

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I have added Captures from “Big Time Lies” to the gallery, as well as Ciara’s Guest Appearance on AwesomenessTV’s “2 DIY For”. Check it out below!

Ciara Bravo from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and AwesomenessTV’s IMO joins Gracie Dzienny to show you how to make the perfect graduation gift for your BFF! Gracie takes inspiration from the popular instagram and twitter trend #transformationtuesday and decides that a personalized floating frame is the perfect gift. All you need is the frame and some nail polish! You can paint the frame with your friend’s favorite colors, their school colors, the color of your outfit, anything

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I have added 2 new episode stills of Ciara on “Big Time Scandal” as well as 4 new episode stills to the Big Time Rush Episode “Big Time Bonus” make sure to check them out over in the gallery. Below you can check out a promo of tomorrows all new episode “Big Time Lies”. make sure to tune into Nickelodeon, Thursday, May 16th @ 8:00pm for the new episode!

Big Time Rush tell lies : Kendall lies to Jo about meeting Lucy, Logan to Camille about being sick and Carlos and James to Gustavo, to cover the destruction of his office.
Guest Stars: Katelyn Tarver as Jo, Erin Sanders as Camille, Malese Jow as Lucy Stone, Daran Norris as Buddha Bob


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