Full Name: Ciara Quinn Bravo
Birthday: March 18, 1997
Birthplace: Alexandria, Kentucky, U.S.

Ciara was born on the 18th of March in Alexandria, Kentucky. She was discovered at the Model and Talent Expo in Dallas, Texas, when she was 9 years-old. Since then, the young actress has been splitting her time between Northern Kentucky and Southern California. She leaves behind her dad, older sister, Rikkel, and younger brother, Jaxon, plus the family cat, Smokey Moses, and Sheba the dog. Fortunately, Bravo says, “I have been so busy that it’s hard to get homesick.”

During 2008, Ciara continued pursuing auditions and acted in several local commercials for Newport Aquarium and made a short appearance as an Italian girl in the hit film Angels & Demons. She also starred in the short films The Cafeteria and Washed Up. She also made a small appearance in a Natasha Bedingfield music video “Love Like This”. She did a several voice overs for Disney Schoolhouse, playing Chloe in Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?, and several commercials.

Her big break came in 2009, when she got the role of Katie Knight in the Nickelodeon newest show “Big Time Rush”, her character is describe as bossy, clever, sarcastic, tricky and precious.

In her free time, she likes to horseback riding, hang out with friends, she also love just going outside and getting dirty. Her guilty pleasure is shopping and visiting the Farmer’s Market near her Los Angeles home. She also enjoys science (her favorite school subject) because she likes making concoctions and doing experiments.

Credit: Wikipedia and Nick Press