Full Name: Ciara Quinn Bravo
Birthday: March 18, 1997
Birthplace: Alexandria, Kentucky, U.S.
Hair: Naturally straight and brown
Eyes: Brown
Special Skills: Singing, Dancing, Horseback Riding (Western), Swimming, Volleyball and Soccer.

Birth stone: Aquamarine
Chinese Horoscope Sign: Ox
Righty Or Lefty: Right-handed.

· Favorite color is blue.
· Know Spanish.
· Know how to play guitar
· Is 13 in real life, but on 10 years old in the show (Big Time Rush).
· Most starstruck by Joel McHale.
· Favorite song is Horchata by Vampire Weekend.
· Favorite movie is Stand by Me (1986).
· Love ice-cream.
· Favorite restaurant is Chipotle.
· Favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids and Gummy Bears.
· Favorite Nick show (other than BTR) is Icarly.
· Love watching movies.
· Sent in tapes for her “Big Time Rush” audition.
· Sign a 3 years contact with Nick.