More “Swindle” Pictures


I have added some more “Swindle” Official Website Images to the gallery. Be sure to click the image above to check them out! Head on over to Nick.com By clicking HERE to check out the “Swindle” Website. Read below about Ciara’s chracter ‘Melissa’ and about the movie.

About Melissa
Melissa’s the youngest member of the crew, but if you saw her amazing skills, you wouldn’t believe it! Like her older brother Griffin, she’s clever to the bone and full of ambition. Her weapon of choice is her trusty laptop, and her trademark involves putting hackers to ultimate shame!

About “Swindle”
Everyone has a baseball card but not everyone has one that worth 1.2 million dollars! And when one falls into the hands of best friends Ben and Griffin, it’s the instant solution to save Ben from having to move. It’s just too bad the boys get swindled out of some serious cash when they try to sell it at the shop, and end up leaving with $300 instead. It’s time to call in some favors and avenge the swindler!

BTR Captures, Swindle, & Photoshoot Images!

Get Ready yall, here comes a big update. To start off with i have added HD Captures of Ciara in Big Time Cartoon’s that aired last thursday on Nickelodeon. Also Promoting for “Swindle” is getting ready to start up, so Nickelodeon is setting up the official website which you can check over on the sidebar, with that i have added a promotional image, movie stills, and official website images. I have also added another photoshoot image of Ciara. Be sure to check out all the latest additions by clicking on the links below!

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New Tara Dzienny Photoshoot Pictures

I have added 3 new images to Ciara’s photoshoot with Photographer Tara Dzienny. Make sure to check them out! Ciara looks all grown up and gorgeous! In the black and white image, Ciara resembles a young katie Holmes!

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