Hi guys, in just 3 days Ciara will be gracing our TV Screens again on FOX’s “Second Chance” which premiere’s January 13th, 2016 at 9PM. Make sure to tune in. I have added some great HQ Promotional Images and some amazing Episode Stills, and below you can check out an interview Ciara recently did for Huffington Post.

“I guess I am propelling myself into an older demographic,” she says. “But one of the things that’s nice about starting your career younger is that fans who liked you before can grow up with you. That’s pretty awesome.”

Having that core of younger fans “is also great on social media,” says Bravo, since that age group spends roughly the same amount of time on social media that it spends on breathing.

“You can’t make everybody happy on social media,” she says. “I just try to keep it real and I’ve been lucky that I’ve always had a lot of positivity.”

Bravo has nothing bad to say about her five years on Big Time Rush, which wrapped up in 2013. She just says she was ready to move on, and she sees Second Chance, like Red Band Society, as a great opportunity.

“It gives me a chance to show I’m capable of more than making snippy comments and rolling my eyes,” she says. “Not that there’s anything wrong with what I did on that show. I loved it. But I want to do other things, too.”

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